June 21, 2021

On StoneCO

 The Fool owns shares of StoneCO.  Some developments in the stock this week:

  1. On June 16, 2021, the Brazilian Antitrust Authority approved the business combination between Stone and Linx. Linx is a leading provider of retail management software in Brazil, which will provide Stone's solutions to Brazilian merchants. 
  2. StoneCo has strong fundamentals when you look at its TTM. The company has profitable earnings and more cash and short-term investment than debt.

Vertex Pharma

 Vertex pharma is a rare blend of growth and value according to this article at the Fool. 

June 11, 2021

UI Path

 UIPath recently had its IPO at $56.  This stock could be the market leader in robot automation.  Kathy Wood also bought shares recently

May 12, 2021

$10 Price Target on Daseke

 According to this article, there is a $10 price target on Daseke. 

May 10, 2021

Absolute Software

 The Fool has a short article on Absolute Software, a small cap IT Security company that also pays a dividend.

April 22, 2021

On Exact Sciences

 The Fool and Cathy Wood both believe in Exact Sciences, but the company is not profitable and the stock is not cheap. 

April 21, 2021

$195 Price Target on C3.AI

 Shares of C3.AI are hovering near a 52 week low.  Needham is out with a Street high price target of $195.

Full article is here.  

April 14, 2021

On Trupanion


Trupanion was a lot closer to analysts' target earlier this year. However, the company reported mixed fourth-quarter results in early February and said that its spending would increase in 2021 on pre-revenue initiatives. That update combined with a market rotation away from growth stocks caused Trupanion's shares to plunge more than 35%.

However, the growth prospects for Trupanion are still very good. Pet ownership is increasing. The U.S. and Canadian pet medical insurance markets are greatly underpenetrated. Trupanion expects its subscription revenue to jump around 25% this year.

Beyond 2021, Trupanion's relationship with Aflac could begin to pay off. The big supplemental insurance company bought nearly 10% of Trupanion last year. Aflac plans to offer Trupanion's pet insurance to large and medium-sized businesses beginning in 2022 and subsequently expand into the small business market. This stock shouldn't remain beaten down for much longer.

March 30, 2021

On Schrodinger

 From the Fool (recommends and owns shares):

Unless you work in the biopharmaceutical industry, you've probably never heard of Schrodinger (NASDAQ:SDGR). The company provides a platform that helps biopharmaceutical companies discover new treatments more quickly than traditional methods. The company's software-as-a-service platform, which incorporates physics, data analytics, predictive analysis, and artificial intelligence, performs state-of-the-art simulations that lead to quicker and cheaper drug development and the discovery of novel treatment options. 

Backed by Bill Gates, Schrodinger went public early last year, and the small company has had an impressive start. In 2020, revenue grew 26% year over year, driven by software revenue that increased 39%. Gross profit grew 29%, which helps illustrate the scalability of the company's model, though it's currently still unprofitable. 

Its customer metrics are equally impressive. Last year, the number of customers with $1,000 in annual contract value (ACV) grew 16%, while those with ACV of $100,000 grew at 17%. More importantly, however, is that large customers with ACV of more than $1 million grew by 60%, and customer retention clocked in a 99%. If these trends continue, the company has a bright future.

Wood has been consistently adding to the ARK Genomic Revolution (NYSEMKT:ARKG) ETF's position in Schrodinger. With last week's purchases, the company has become a Top 20 position, representing nearly 2% of the $7.67 billion in assets under management.

Schrodinger is sitting in the catbird seat, at the heart of the digital transformation of drug discovery, and with a market cap of just $5 billion, it's easy to envision a path where Schrödinger could grow tenfold.

March 23, 2021

Catherine Wood Buys Trimble and the Fool Owns Shares

 According to this article, the Fool and Wood have purchased shares.