March 22, 2007

Calamos Asset Management- On Sale

From the Fool:

The turning point?
I've often heard it suggested that when looking at mutual fund managers, you should seek out the ones that have put up sustained returns over the long term. Last year's hottest fund often ends up showing that its returns were just a one-year aberration, and middling returns from managers who have a good track record can turn out to be a fluke in the opposite direction. I would speculate that the Calamos Growth Fund, which has produced 16.7% average annual load-adjusted returns since its 1990 inception, might be having that sort of short-term issue. And though there's certainly more to Calamos' business than the one fund, a turnaround in the fortunes of its biggest fund could go a long way to boosting results.

A number of CAPS All-Stars have gotten behind Calamos, including razormd, who is ranked in the top 3% of all CAPS players. razormd shares:

"[Calamos is an] overlooked investment manager - 'the little engine that could' with steady earnings progress since coming public a few years ago. It traded as high as 44 last year and has now built a base around 26 over the past nine months. It looks like a reasonable prospect for a good return over the next few years."

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