April 3, 2007

Dividends: Unilever

From the Fool:

It's very likely that you bump into a number of Unilever's products on a regular basis. The company owns brands like Country Crock, Dove, Hellman's, Wish-Bone, Lipton, Vaseline, Slim-Fast, and my personal favorite, Axe. They're not particularly exciting products (with the possible exception of Axe!), but they're good ol' staple purchases, the kinds of products that you buy over and over again, no matter how the economy is doing. Over the years, Unilever has proven to be a solid, stable performer and, with the help of its dividend, has produced fantastic returns for its shareholders.

The company has come under fire recently for less-than-stellar growth. Rumors have also started to fly that activist shareholders might be looking to break up the $21 billion company.

But CAPS players, who have voted 112-4 in favor of the stock, seem to find the business and dividend anything but stale. A few players share their thoughts:

* NoVaAmPro: "Unilever just makes tons of stuff (consumer non-durables, meaning you'll keep buying it over and over again) for sale all over the world. Besides keeping me smelling fresh throughout the day, its dividend yield should keep my portfolio looking fresh every 6 months."
* Jnifer4: "Unilever is a good company that sells goods which everyone needs and will still sell product even in a recession. They also boast a dividend, which makes it a good company to hold in a portfolio for many years. The Unilever name has been building and growing and is growing up to (I really hope) be on par with Johnson & Johnson someday in terms of household recognition, but (at least currently) at a fraction of the cost."

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