June 19, 2007

Take a HINT

From the Fool:

As regular Fool readers know, two common reasons for bargain opportunities are when a company is too small to be noticed, or when it's classified as an uncommon "special situation." Hill International, a $176 million company that underwent a reverse merger with Arpeggio SPAC, looks like one of those prime candidates for market mispricing.

Despite Hill's single-digit price tag and micro-cap status, it is the largest independent construction management firm in the U.S., raking in a total of $197.5 million in revenue for fiscal 2006. Over the last five years, Hill's top line has grown at a compounded rate of more than 20%, driven by major construction overseas -- particularly in the Middle East, where nearly 40% of Hill's business is generated.

The stock is up more than 30% since going public last June, but with a PEG of 0.85, Hill's shares still seem reasonably priced. Throw in the fact that founder and CEO Irv Richter owns more than 60% of the company, and you've got a stock to keep your eye on. CAPS All-Star phonixed runs down Hill for us:

Hill International seems to be a great stock. 70 worldwide offices, major contracts with foreign governments, a contract with the U.S. government to reconstruct parts of Iraq on an indefinite time/supply basis, and a number of other indicators from the news reel: all of these factors added up equal a great future for the company.

June 15, 2007

Netflix Looks Cheap

Gannon on Investing had this to say about Netflix:

Direct DVD purveyor Netflix (NFLX) has dropped a lot recently. It's an interesting business. The stock is also a lot cheaper than it looks. Read the reports.

Yes, I know about Blockbuster. No, I'm not officially recommending the stock or anything – I'm just saying there are 10,000+ viable investment opportunities for individual investors focusing on common stocks; at the moment, Netflix looks more interesting to me than something like 97.5% of those names. You've probably heard of the company. You could conceivably get comfortable with the business. If you've had enough of those Grahamian "cigar butts" you need to flip every few months to every few years and you're looking for a one decision stock – do the homework on Netflix. At the very least you'll know more about an interesting business.