January 30, 2008

About This Site

What is this Website?

I am an amateur investor who reads many different stock blogs in order to get investing ideas. If I find a compelling article on a stock, I write about it here.

What are Ticker Notes?

Ticker Notes are a collection of articles related to stocks and investing. I needed a way to collect and categorize all of the great articles that I come across, and blogging was the answer.

What Can I Do With Ticker Notes?

Invest! If you read several articles about a stock, each with powerful arguments for buying it, wouldn't you consider doing so? There is so much free stock information on the web, you don't need to pay to subscribe to a secret "insider" newsletter. There are many great ideas right here.

Can I Hold You Personally Responsible for Any Investments I Make as a Result of any Information Found in this Blog?

Of course not! The information contained here is for informational purposes only. Any investment decisions you make are your responsibility. As always, consult your financial adviser, spouse, pet, or any other significant other before making any kind of investment.

However, when writing about stocks that I own, I will disclose so.