February 26, 2008

Bullish on Hardinge

Fooling around at the Fool.com, I came across Hardinge, which is a MF Hidden Gems Paydirt selection. Doing additional research, I came across two articles at Seeking Alpha that talk about the company here and here.

"Multiply 2008 EPS estimates ($2.45 per share) by HDNG's avg P/E ratio prior to the sell-off and you get 2008 target price between $34-44 per share (+93-150%). Add in the recently increased cash dividend yield of 1.13% and you've got one heck of a bargain. Once you study HDNG's solid fundamentals, growing global diversification and growth catalysts on the horizon, we think you'll agree."

This quote was written in January 2008, before they released earnings which dropped the stock even further. At today's price of $12.60, this makes the stock look even more attractive

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