March 10, 2008

On Copart

I ran across this article on Copart while reading the Fool today, who reported a disappointing second quarter. Copart has been a business I have had my eye on for a while, but they seemed a little too pricy. The dip in the stock may prove to be a good entrance point.

I drive by the Copart corporate headquarters in Fairfield, CA every day on my way into work. A banner advertising IT jobs has been hanging prominently from the roof of the building for several months now. This is a company that is growing, and they are attempting to draw high-tech talent to their workforce in order to fuel their growth.

As the article points out, Copart was just awarded a patent for their trading platform, and they have just opened several new facilities in the U.S. and are beginning to establish themselves in the U.K. This may be a very good time to get into Copart indeed.

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