May 29, 2008

InterActive Corp Worth a Look?

The Stockmasters has an article on InterActive Corp and the number of brands that the company will soon posses. The brands currently include, Evite, and Future brands will include HSN, TicketMaster, and LendingTree.

May 28, 2008

PDL On Sale: Cheap

The Fool has an article where they make the argument that PDL BioPharma is trading at a significant discount.

Cryptologic: On Sale

The Fool has a small article on Hidden Gem pick, CryptoLogic which is down 13% in the last 30 days and 26% over the past year. Rule Breaker Immersion is also on the list.

May 27, 2008

ETRADE's Compelling Risk/Reward

An interesting article on ETRADE surfaced on Seeking Alpha today. The author believes the company has been oversold and is in the middle of a turnaround. This could be a good time to get in.

BABY is Ready to Run

Seeking Alpha has an article written by Robert Freedland of bobsadviceforstocks fame that examines Natus Medical. He likes the growth prospects and quotes fellow Seeking Alpha author Donald Johnson's target price of $30.50.

May 23, 2008

Discovering Balchem

This company makes specialty performance ingredients and products for the food, nutritional, pharmaceutical and medical sterilization industries. The small-cap ($432 million) has increased earnings in nine of past 10 years, has a 10-year average return on retained earnings of 17.7% and has enough annual earnings ($17.5 million) to pay off its debt ($15.2 million) in less than a year.

Articles were found here and here.

May 22, 2008

Big Growth in Bare Essentials?

A MF community member wrote a blog entry on Bare Essentials, the mineral makeup company. No financial analysis was done, however the stock is trading close to its 52 week low. The author notes that this company has strong brand loyalty and brand recognition.

My wife tried Bare Minerals makeup a couple of months ago and she absolutely loved it. She loved the look that it gave her and she received many compliments from her friends on how she looked when she was wearing the makeup.

We looked into purchasing some more make-up, but were a little deterred by the price. In the end, my wife decided to use up her existing make-up before she bought anything new. When that time comes, I am positive that she will greatly consider Bare Essentials make-up.

Barrett Business Services

Barrett Business Services is a MF Tiny Gem recommendation as well as a Magic Formula Investing pick.

May 21, 2008

Carlisle: Oversold and Undervalued

Seeking Alpha has a great write-up on Carlisle. From the article:

"Carlisle is trading at $32.28. The stock currently trades at 7.73 times 2007 cash flow with a price/earnings ratio of 17 and 0.65x price to sales. According to Morningstar, Carlisle has a fair value of $46. Standard & Poor's places a conservative 12 month target price at $40. Using the conservative valuation of the two, there is at least 20% upside to Carlisle."

The company also pays a 1.80% dividend that it has increased every year for the past 28 years.

Exelixis Looking Excellent

The Fool has an article on Exelixis where they give an update on some of the company's anticancer compounds. The Fool discloses at the end of the article that they own shares of the company.

LLoyds: Still Good But Invest With Caution

Lloyd's TSB Group and its 12% dividend is still a good bank, but invest with caution. The stock is down 26% over the past year and nearly 10% in the last 30 days. Still, for long term investors, this may be a great time to get in.

May 20, 2008

Sadia: Another Hidden Gem Found

Sadia is a MF Hidden Gems pick as disclosed in this article. Minyanville also mentions the stock in an article from May 12.

Put Dollars into Dollar Financial

Zacks has a write-up on Dollar Financial (no link available). The stock is trading near its 52 week low and has a P/E of 9. The author states that good growth should come from outside of the U.S.


Dollar Financial's (DLLR) 3Q08 (ended March 31, 2008) diluted earnings of $0.56 per share, were two cents short of our estimates as well as the consensus. Consolidated revenues were up 26.4% and net income increased by 18.3%, based on strong growth in Canada and the U.K. markets. The bottom-line results were partly offset by higher store and regional expenses, reflecting continued expansion and integration of recent acquisitions.

The company acquired 15 stores and opened 14 de novo stores during the quarter. After reviewing the results, we have adjusted our FY08 and FY09 estimates. Relative valuation looks quite attractive at present and therefore, we maintain our Buy recommendation on the shares of DLLR.

Currently, DLLR trades at 7.8x the consensus forward estimate (versus 9.0x at the time of our last report), a 26% discount to the peer group median (versus a 3% premium at that time). On a price-to-book basis, the shares now trade at 18% premium to the peer median, versus a 92% premium in March. Relative pricing looks attractive on a P/E-to-growth (PEG) basis, using the consensus forward estimate and the consensus long-term growth rate.

Further, as DLLR derives a significant share of its earnings from outside the U.S., we expect the company to benefit in the coming quarters from the stronger economic trends in those countries, coupled with continuous weakness in the US dollar. We also see better growth prospects in Canada with improving visibility in the regulatory environment there."

May 19, 2008

Slow Explosion at Universal Display

The Fool has an article that talks about organic LED technology that is poised to take off very soon which should benefit Universal Display. From the article:

"If my projections are correct, Universal Display's stock could quadruple in the next five years. That would be equivalent to about 30% annual returns."

Ennis: Undiscovered Small Cap?

Ennis is a small cap company that has displayed solid growth that also pays a 3.55% yield. They were discovered in this article.

Mankind: A Difference o Opintion

The Fool has a few paragraphs on Mankind today:

"MannKind clearly falls within the realm of speculative investments, that doesn't mean it's not also a value play ... Bill Miller, the legendarily unconventional value investor and owner of the mutual fund world's longest streak of outperforming the market, recently highlighted MannKind as the company his fund owns that has the greatest potential. And he was buying shares at a significantly higher price than is available today. Other value-oriented investors, including the fine people at Morningstar, also see the stock trading well below its intrinsic value. [Emphasis added.]"

In contrast, Zacks had an article on Mankind from May 6, where they say to sell the stock to $1.50. They also had this to say on the stock:

"Even if TI makes it through the approval process, we do not expect the drug to reach the market before 2011. Considering the $1.1 billion in cash burn incurred so far, coupled with the high SG&A costs necessitated to strategically position and distinguish the drug from other therapies, we do not expect the company to achieve profitability without TI achieving blockbuster status a status seemingly out of reach in the current market scenario."

American Oil and Gas

Zacks has an article on American Oil and Gas, which they give a price target of $9.00 a share. Shares currently trade at a hair under $4.00.

May 16, 2008

AU Optronics is Cheap

Zacks calls the vaulation on Au Optronics "bordering on the absurd." From the article:

"The valuation on AUO is ridiculously cheap. It is currently selling for 5.8x current-year estimates of $3.38 per share. Those estimates have increased 19 cents over the past month. Two of the five covering analysts have raised their numbers."

May 15, 2008

$12 Price Target on China Fire and Security

Zacks has an article today where they affirm their $12 price target on China Fire and Security.

Time to Buy Ambac

Value Plays has an article on why it may be time to buy Ambac.

May 14, 2008

Notes on Exelixis

Exelixis is a MF Rule Breakers pick. They disclose in this article that the Fool owns shares of the company.

May 13, 2008

The Long Case for PolyOne

Seeking Alpha has an article on the PolyOne Corporation. The author gives a great in depth analysis on the company and ends with a valuation of the company. Using the DCF model, he estimates that the fair value of the company is $13.46

Speculative Play Altair

The Fool has an article about Altair Nano and their battery technology that could be used to power luxury hybrid model cars. From the article:

"This stock is in the center to TWO major industry needs, transformation of the auto industry and renewable energy storage for the global electric grids. This company will get bought within 6 months. Both opportunities are too big to [ignore] for Seimens, GE and the Japanese."

May 12, 2008

6 Medical Device Makers Poised for Growth

Seeking Alpha has an article on 6 Medical Device Makers that are poised for growth. The author focuses primarily on two companies, Accuray and Hansen Medical. He does not give any sort of financial analysis, but he does touch on the innovative technology these companies have developed.

Garmin $75 Price Target

Zacks has a write-up on Garmin and gives the stock a $75 price target. From the article:

"The exponential growth in PND products will continue to pull down corporate margins, and some investors may be concerned about this. We would however, point to the fact that operating profit dollars have increased 248.8% over the last three years. We believe that Garmin deserves a premium to the market, based on its size, brand name, market position and solid financials."

May 9, 2008

Pick Up Anesiva Cheap

Zacks has an article on Anesiva which is about to launch Zingo, a new product which they believe has $200 million dollar potential. They give the stock a price target of $12.

Buying Opportunity for Tesoro

Zacks has an article on Tesoro citing it as a buying opportunity. They give the stock a $40 price target. This stock trades at a P/E of 5 and yields a 1.60% dividend.

May 8, 2008

ZymoGenetics $16 Price Target

Zacks has an article on ZymoGenetics and gives the stock a $16 price target. They believe rhThrombin and other products in its pipeline will provide long term growth for the company.

ZymoGenetics was also mentioned in this article.

May 7, 2008

Buy the Synchronoss Collapse

Notable Calls has an article on Synchronoss at Seeking Alpha. He claims that the sell off is unjustified after one bad quarter.

May 6, 2008

Huge Upside for Acadia Pharmaceuticals

Zacks has a feature on Acadia Pharmaceuticals, a small company that has five drug programs in clinical and preclinical development directed at large unmet medical needs and major commercial markets.

They give the stock a fair value of $20 a share, but admit that this may be a high estimate.

May 5, 2008

Buy Soundbite Communications

Seeking Alpha has an article on Soundbite Communications and describes it as a classic "fat pitch."

"When you see a fat pitch coming straight down the middle of the plate, you have to take a big swing and go for the home run."

The same author wrote an article on April 9 which is detailed here, giving a DCF analysis

May 2, 2008

Small Cap Acorn Energy

Seeking Alpha has an article on a small holding company, Acorn Energy. According to the author, the company has a book value of $6.50 a share.

May 1, 2008

Grow with Aero Grow

Seeking Alpha has an article on AeroGrow International. You may have seen their product advertised in the media. They make the Aero Gardens that you grow indoors. The author doesn't give any compelling reasons why the stock is a DCF projected growth estimates, yet claims the stock is a "bargain" at under $5 a share.