June 30, 2008

High Risk Buy for Acusphere

Zacks has an article on Acusphere, where they believe that the company's coronary artery disease drug Imagify will bring the company to profitability. They claim that there is a 60% chance of the drug being approved. They have a $5 price target on the stock.

American Reprographics: A Cheap Hidden Gem

The Fool has an article on American Reprographics which according to their disclaimer is a Hidden Gem and Inside Value selection. The stock is down 46% in the last year and has a PEG of .73.

I blogged about the company in November when I found an article at the Fool. On that day, shares were trading around $16 a share.

Sigma Designs

According to this post, Sigma Designs is both a MF Rule Breaker and Hidden Gems Paydirt selection.

June 27, 2008

Elixr Gambling Technologies

Elixr Gambling Technologies is a highly speculative stock. This company sells and installs slot machines in “frontier markets” such as Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines. It also sells table-gaming devices such as automatic card-verification machines, computer-based shuffling systems and RFID-gaming chips.

As disclosed in this post, the company is a MF Hidden Gems Paydirt recommendation. An article on this company was also found here. From the article:

"Fitz-Gerald does not minimize the risk in Elixir Gaming; rather, he calls the stock a 10-bagger — meaning the stock could rise 10 times in value — while concurrently warning that the issue could also go to zero."

More on ISIS

Seeking Alpha has an article on ISIS Pharmaceuticals where the author talks about its two potential blockbuster drugs, specifically obesity-busting diabetic drug ISIS 113715, which normalizes glucose but does not cause hypoglycemia like some oral diabetic agents.

You can read all ISIS posts here.

GE is Cheap

I came across two articles on GE today. The first is at the Fool where they declare GE to be cheap. Its businesses are growing and points out that you can enjoy a 4.6% dividend yield while you wait for the stock to appreciate.

The second is at Seeking Alpha where the author estimates that the stock is 20% undervalued and could see it trading in the $40 in two years.

June 26, 2008

$11 Price Target on Sally Beauty Supply

Seeking Alpha has an article on Sally Beauty Supply where they perform an in depth financial analysis. They give a price target of $11.

IPGP Photonics

According to this post, the Fool owns shares of their Rule Breaker pick IPGP Photonics.

June 25, 2008

Long on ViroPharma

Zack's is confident that ViroPharma's position is strong. They have a $14 price target.

Buy Isis Pharmaceuticals

Zacks reiterates their buy on ISIS and gives the stock a $20 price target.

June 24, 2008

Large Insider Buying at Home Depot

The Stockmasters notes that a significant amount of insider buying has been taking place at the Home Depot lately. From the article:

"Once markets stabilize, Home Depot expects yearly per-share profit to rise in the double digits on a percentage basis, fueled by changes it is making to improve customer service and lower operating costs at its stores. It added that sales should rise 3 percent to 5 percent annually when markets recover."

If you have the patience, you can collect the 3.40% dividend yield while you wait for earnings to improve.

Cytori's Future

Zacks has a small article on Cytori Therapeutics. This company seeks to commercialize stem and regenerative cell therapies without the need for embryonic stem cells. The company was awarded a patent today for their Celution® System technology.

Since this company is still in the early stages of developing their technology, patience will be in order for stockholders. Zacks is estimating that the company will not be profitable until 2011 and have given the company a $16 price target based on 2012 estimates.

June 23, 2008

6 Stock Picks for a Weak Market

Seeking Alpha has a short article titled "6 Stock Picks for a Weak Market." One of the stocks worth noting is the Traveler's Company. It is near its 52 week low. From the article:

"trades at just 1.1x book value, despite "the best management in the property-and-casualty insurance business." It has a pristine balance sheet."

June 20, 2008

KHD Humboldt Wedag: Funny Name, Good Stock

The Fool has an article that mentions one of its Global Gains recommendations, KHD Humboldt Wedag. This is a cement company that is growing earnings by not just selling materials, but by building and operating plants as well.

From the article:

All this growth can be bought for roughly 16 times current-year earnings estimates -- very cheap for a firm expected to improve its bottom line by 33% a year over the next five."

The stock has been profiled on Seeking Alpha also.

June 19, 2008

VASCO: Cheap Growth

There is a small article at Seeking Alpha that talks about VASCO data security and their security products. Another article at the Fool shows that VASCO is an official stock recommendation.

$40 Price Target on Focus Media

Focus Media is a MF Rule Breakers pick as disclosed here. The company runs an advertising network though outdoor LCD advertising panels. The stock has taken a 37% hit over the last year after missing earnings one quarter and suffering minor damage in an earthquake.

The Fool has an additional article on the stock here. Zacks has an article here where they give the stock a $40 price target.

June 18, 2008


Headwaters is a MF Hidden Gems pick.

Good News for Exelixis

Exelixis recently received approval for one of its drugs to enter into a Phase 3 trial. In this post, the Motley Fool disclosed that they own shares of the company.

June 17, 2008

Hurco: A Solid Growth Stock on the Skids

Russell Carpenter at the MSN Strategy Lab has a short write-up on Hurco which is a MF Hidden Gems pick. The company has experienced a sell off lately at looks fairly cheap with a PE of 9.65.

June 16, 2008

Railways in China

The Fool has an article that talks about the prospects of Guangshen Railways. This stock has seen a 50% sell off in the past eight months and may now be classified as a "bargain." It has good financials and growth prospects as well.

Time to Buy Paychex?

Seeking Alpha makes a compelling argument (complete with financial analysis) on why to buy shares of Paychex.

June 13, 2008

GeoEye Buy

Chris Fernandez at Seeking Alpha has bought more shares of GeoEye and makes a lot of compelling arguments for owning the stock. If all goes according to plan, this stock could prove to be a solid investment for the long term.

June 12, 2008

$19 Price Target on Iconix Brand Group

Zacks has given Iconix Brand Group a $19 price target, saying that the stock has been oversold. ICON owns several brands including Joe Boxer, London Fog, and Mossimo.

Long on Osiris

Zacks has a buy on small cap Osiris and gives the company a $20 price target. This company makes drugs from human stems cells. In a partnership with Genzyme, they were recently awarded a $225 million contract from the Department of Defense.

Another article on the company was found at Seeking Alpha.

June 11, 2008

Mankind: Overlooked with Excellent Prospects

Seeking Alpha has two articles on Mankind here and here where they talk about the company's long term prospects. Zacks has stated that this company may not bring their primary drug to market until 2011, so this stock may require a lot of patience.

Mankind is also a MF Hidden Gems Paydirt selection.

Immense Opportunity Ahead for Timberline Resources

Seeking Alpha has an article about Timberline Resources who is growing through acquisitions.

June 10, 2008

Exelixis Secures Its Future

In this post, the Fool writes how Exelixis has secured financing at a reasonable rate for the next several years. The disclaimer mentions that Exelixis is a MF Rule Breakers pick and that the Fool owns shares of Exelixis.

June 9, 2008

The Sky's the Limit with GeoEye

Seeking Alpha has an article on GeoEye, a company that specializes in geographic imagery. This company has recently won a few government contracts, and as the article points out, is beginning to appear on Google maps.

The company is set to launch a satellite toward the end of the year which will deliver the sharpest imagery available today. I did some digging on the company and found a couple articles at the Fool here and here. It turns out that this stock is a Rule Breakers recommendation.

The concern is the competition that may come with the IPO of Digital Globe, another geographic imagery company that has taken the majority of pictures for Google maps.

Bad News for Sigma Designs?

From Notable Calls today:

"Baird is out with a very negative call on Sigma Designs (NASDAQ:SIGM) saying their recent checks indicate Sigma Designs has lost one more tier-one Blu-ray customer recently and has likely lost its top two customers in this segment, leading them to believe the company's market share of the Blu-ray DVD player market could be well below 50% by year-end.

Additionally, checks indicate continued weakness in digital TVs for Sigma, a segment which had previously looked promising for this year. Baird does not expect year-over-year growth for Sigma's digital TV revenues in the July quarter as a result. They believe weakness is predicated
on lack of a strong integrated deinterlacing solution.

Despite their expectation for Sigma Designs to ramp at France Telecom in the second half of this
year (which they estimate is a $20 million revenue opportunity), the firm would remain cautious on Sigma's near-term prospects.

Cutting estimates and reducing price target to $20 from $22. Reiterating Neutral rating on SIGM shares.

Notablecalls: I suspect SIGM is going to get whacked today. We may be near capitulation but I just don't see SIGM hitting consensus estimates. Consensus needs to come down big time (so will the stock)."

June 6, 2008

AAR Corporation: Unloved and Undervalued

Two articles have been written about AAR Corporation (AIR) over the past two days at Seeking Alpha.

The first article states that the book value of the company is $14.57 a share, which is only $4.00 below the current trading price. The author argues that the stock could double and still be undervalued. AAR is a mature company that provides a niche service to the airline industry.

The second article performs a financial analysis on the stock with the intention of buying options on the stock. The author gives a twelve month price target of $33.75. This seems to agree with the first article when it said that the stock could value and still be undervalued.

June 5, 2008

An Opportunity with Finisar

The Fool writes here about Finisar, a small wireless network component company that just bought another company, Optium. With the stock trading under $2.00 currently, many speculate that the recent acquisition plus the potential for growth could translate into a great time to get into this company.

Bristol Meyers: A Buyout?

Zacks has an article today where they give Bristol Meyers a price target of $27. More importantly, they speculate that they may be a buyout target for Pfizer or Sanofi-Aventis. The stock also has a 5.7% dividend yield.

June 4, 2008

Clean Up with ABM Industries

Seeking Alpha has an article on ABM Industires, which contracts janitorial, landscaping, parking, security, air conditioning, engineering and elevator services for customers throughout the United States and parts of Canada.

The author calculates a price target of 28.26 over the next 19 months in addition to the 3.4% dividend yield.

Hurco: Hiddem Gem

As disclosed in this article, Hurco is a MF Hidden Gem Recommendation.

June 3, 2008

Sigma Better in 2009

There are several posts regarding Sigma Designs today (here, here and here). The best summary of the company's prospects comes from the Fool's article:

"So the stock took a 16% fall on Friday and is down a staggering 75% from a December peak of $72.17 per share. But the company has $138 million in cash equivalents with no debt, just released a significantly faster version of its flagship product, and sees new markets opening up in early 2009. Exciting business and a massive discount on the stock -- what's not to love?"

This stock is still a MF Rule Breakers recommendation.

$40 Price Target on Tesoro

Zacks has an article on Tesoro where they give the stock a $40 price target.

Expect Big Things from Tessera

Zacks has a small article on Tessera, which sells chip packaging technologies to semiconductor and assembly manufacturers. Tessera is the dominant player in the chip-scale package (CSP) space, a market that is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 45% to 23.4 billion units by 2007.

June 2, 2008

Featured Stock: AU Optronics

AU Optronics was featured on Zack's "Agressive Growth" page today. This is a stock that has also been written about at the Fool several times.