August 18, 2008

Discovering Alvarion

The Fool has an article on Alvarion today, which has been publicly disclosed as one of their Rule Breakers selections. They claim that the company is "growing quickly" and "trading at just 17 times next year's projected profitability."

This leads to a second article at the Fool on Alvarion, where they talk about a few of the company's growth prospects and their application for a $30 million share repurchase grant from the Israeli court.

Seeking Alpha also chimes in on the company, saying that the company has been beat down unfairly due to reduced margins as a result of the weakened dollar compared to the shekel. According to the article, "Management guided that Q3 earnings could be as much as double from Q2" even with the CFO basing her forecasts on a flat dollar.

With shares currently trading in the low $6.00 range, this could be a great entry point for a company that is forecasting growth in the 20-30% range.

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