March 19, 2009

On Mindray Medical

The StockAdvisors have a small article on a couple of small cap Chinese stocks, one of which is Mindray Medical. From the article:

"During 2008 it launched 10 new products, and received 9 FDA approvals in the U.S. and foresees 7 - 9 more being introduced in 2009. Among these will be entries in two new product lines: surgical lights and beds.

"Mindray scored a 44% increase in EPS to $.32 on a non-GAAP basis and $0.28 on the GAAP basis equaling estimates and hitting its full year guidance spot on with non-GAAP EPS of $1.17. Revenues increased a whopping 84% in Q4, including a largely organic increase of 64% in China."

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