June 30, 2009

Is Oilsands Qust Worth a Look

The Stockmasters have their eye on Oilsands Quest, a crude oil producer whose shares have fallen under $1.00 per share. With the price of crude expected to reach over $110 a barrel by 2010, this may be a stock to keep an eye on.

June 26, 2009

Watching Alvarion

The Fool has a write-up on Alvarion, one of their Rule Breaker recommendations. The company was just awarded two new contracts that could account for a large revenue increase.

But, the most interesting aspect of the company is its perceived value, or rather how much it is undervalued. From the article:

"But even if there are no more deals to be had, look at the math. Alvarion is presently worth just more than $270 million in market cap, yet it booked $282 million in revenue over the trailing 12 months. Think about what that means: Each dollar of Alvarion revenue trades for less than $1. And it's just landed two good-sized contracts, so that revenue should be growing. We also know that Alvarion has more than $135 million in cash and no debt on its books."

If you agree with this analysis, then this is a great case for making an investment in this company.

June 25, 2009

Biogen No Longer Recommended by the Fool

Biogen is one of the stocks that I have been tracking lately since Zacks seems so bullish on its prospects. The Fool had selected it as one of its official Stock Advisor Recommendations as early as June 12 according to this published article on their site.

However, this article published on June 23 discloses that Biogen is a "former Stock Advisor Recommendation." A second article published on June 24 confirms this. I don't subscribe to any official Motley Fool publications, so I cannot say why the stock has been dropped. It may be due to the amount of debt that the company carries, but I cannot say for sure.

June 24, 2009

Keep Yamana Gold on Your Radar

The StockMasters believe that it is time to take a look at Yamana Gold, as shares have fallen 22% in June and are trading under $9.00 a share.

Seeking Alpha author Jeffrey Brown also gives three reasons for buying shares.

With inflation due to rise, buying gold or even shares of a company that make gold its business seems like a smart move.

June 22, 2009

Keep an Eye on Sangamo Biosciences

Notable Calls mentions that an analyst is out with a bullish call on Sangamo Biosciences and doubling the target price on the shares.

June 16, 2009

Bullish on Sysco

Three separate articles on Sysco have been published on Seeking Alaha today:

and Here

Each author makes a good case for owning the stock. This may be a good addition to the portfolio at these levels.

June 15, 2009

$65 Price Target on Abbott Labs

Zacks is out with a $65 price target on Abbott labs. From the article:

"Abbott also possesses a lower risk profile than smaller players in the industry. Although the stock remains one of the more expensive names in the large-cap pharma space, we feel it’s well deserved. We believe, based on Abbott’s very strong line-up of current products -- along with its formidable pipeline -- that there’s further room for the multiple to expand."

June 12, 2009

Spirit Aerosystems- A Hidden Gem

According to this post, Spirit Aerosystems is a MF Hidden Gems pick. This may be one to watch, as the company was upgraded by Merril last week and believes the company is poised for "growth across multiple platforms."

$70 Price Target on Johnson and Johnson

Zacks has a $70 price target on J&J, citing strong revenue earnings from both its consumer and pharmaceutical division.

June 4, 2009

Consider ATP Oil and Gas

Seeking Alpha looks at 10 potential catalysts that may send shares of ATP Oil and Gas higher. On a valuation basis alone, the stock is trading under a P/E of 4.

5 Reasons to Buy Microsoft

The Stockmasters lists five reasons why Microsoft is a buy right now. I agree that Project Natal, if delivered as promised could translate into a lot of sales for the company, but will it spur additional XBOX sales? With the Wii already entrenched in so many households and appealing to the very young as well as adults, will this full motion control device have enough appeal in order for the XBOX to furthur penetrate the market?

I also agree that on a valuation basis, shares of Microsoft appear cheap. If Windows 7 sells well, the share price should rise in response.

June 1, 2009

Bullish on Biogen

Zacks is bullish on Biogen, stating that the current stock price is "too attractive to ignore" and that they have the best pipeline in Biotech. They have given the stock a $62 price target.