January 28, 2010

A Big Upgrade for SIGA Technologies

RBC Capital has picked SIGA to outperform citing their belief that they are on the verge of signing a large contract with the government to develop small-pox vaccine. The current target is $11, but could easily hit the $20 range depending on the size of the contract.

This article from the Fool in December noted that the company has a three year lead on any competitors product and that they appear to have the inside track on getting the product.

On Brookfield Infrastructure Partners

The Fool discloses here that Brookfield Infrastructure Partners is a Fool Holding, a Hidden Gems selection, an Inside Value Pick, and a Global Gains Pick. This post may give shed some more light into why the stock is so highly touted. The stock also pays a nice dividend....

January 27, 2010

New Hidden Gem: Ritchie Brothers

The Fool discloses here that Ritchie Brothers is a Hidden Gem selection. The company auctions heavy equipment and to no surprise the stock has been beaten down along with the demand for this type of equipment. The stock does pay a dividend, so you can collect something while you wait for the stock to go up.

January 21, 2010

The Case for China Digital TV

The Stock Advisors makes their case for investing in China Digital TV. From the article:

"Book value is $4.25 a share. The P/E Ratio is 11. There are currently 58 million shares outstanding. The shares are trading close to their 52-week low, within a yearly range of $5.60 (low) to $11.80 (high). Return on equity is 12%.

A good upside target range over 12-months would be $8-$10."

The company is also a MF Rule Breaker recommendation.

Nokia Is Cheap

SA notes why shares of Nokia are cheap and makes a compelling argument for owning the stock.

January 6, 2010

$58 Price Target on Salix Pharmaceuticals

Notablecalls is reporting that Piper Jaffray has raised their target on Salix to $58 a share.

January 4, 2010

Top 10 for 2010

The Street has a three part article entitled the Top 10 for 2010 where they look at the top 10 most promising stocks for the 2010 investing year.

Part 1 mentions Smart Balance which is growing their line of heart healthy buttery spreads and is about to launch a new product campaign for its line of milk products. The Fool likes them also and has selected them as an official MF Rule Breaker. The Street author believes shares are worth $8-$10 right now.

Part 2 of the article mentions Leucadia National, a MF Stock Advisor Selection. Valuation should be $35-$55 dollars.
The one stock that the author is most bullish on is NCR: "If I had to single out one stock from my Top 10 list and say that I know you'll make a hefty rate of return if you buy it, it would be NCR. The issues that cloud its outlook will soon dissipate, leaving sunshine and a stock floating around $18 to $20 a share."

Part 3 mentions KHD Humboldt Wedag and Manitowoc

$36 Price Target on STEC

Deutsche Bank is very positive on STEC Inc. (NASDAQ:STEC) reiterating their Buy rating and $36 price target and calling the stock their Top Pick for 2010.

NotableCalls points out that this is more than a double at today's price.