April 15, 2011

A Couple of Penny BioTech Stocks

The Fool has a small piece summarizing a few penny Bio-Tech stocks out today. They seem most bullish on Aeterna Zentaris, a stock that has been covered numerous times over at Seeking Alpha. Another stock from the article is Zalicus, a company with only two drugs in development, both of which are in Phase II trials. The Fool is not too high on this stock since it only has the two drugs, but others are most certainly are. One article mentions that JMP Securities put a $5 price target on the stock at the end of March.

April 11, 2011

Value In Gold Miners?

The Fool points out one gold miner that they think has been massively undervalued by the market. The article also has a link to a second article that points out other gold miners that appear to be undervalued.