January 14, 2013

On WhiteWave Foods

Alyce, on the other hand, started out 2013 by buying shares of WhiteWave, a company recently spun out of Dean Foods (NYSE: DF  ) .
What Alyce loves the most about this recent IPO is that WhiteWave is busy selling some of the most popular plant-based and organic products out there -- namely, the Silk and Horizon Organic milk brands.
Alyce points out that non-lactose types of milk have shown impressive growth: "[S]ales of almond-based drinks alone have been growing like gangbusters. This subcategory achieved 170% CAGR from 2009 to 2011, and represented a $289 million market in 2011."
Alyce also points out that, for the time being, she's not thrilled that Dean Foods still retains a controlling interest in WhiteWave, but it's something she's willing to keep her eye on as she watches the story play out at WhiteWave.

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