December 23, 2013

On Cal AMP Corp

It began with PCs connected to the Internet.
Then came smartphones and tablets -- which enabled us to take the Internet with us wherever we go.
Now we’re mere years away from a time when nearly every device is connected wirelessly, communicating with each other -- and automatically making decisions to make our lives easier.
CalAmp (Nasdaq: CAMP) offers the products and services that make this technological advance possible. And, as such, it sits right at the center of this colossal opportunity.
An opportunity like no other

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CalAmp sells products that collect data from devices. It collects the data and transmits it wirelessly to a cloud-based network. Then its proprietary software analyzes the data to use as needed.
Currently, the company focuses on energy, transportation, and government products.
But many other industries are beginning to adopt this machine-to-machine technology, and its applications are virtually limitless. Take the automobile industry, for example: A dealer that financed a car could use it to disable the car if the owner missed a payment. Similarly, an insurance company could monitor the car’s use to more accurately price the risk of insuring the driver.
Regardless of the industry, CalAmp hopes to use this technology to help companies optimize assets, increase productivity, and improve customer experience.
According to CalAmp, its current market opportunity is $3.4 billion -- and expected to cross the $6 billion mark in 2015.
It should have no problem winning new customers as its technology’s possible uses expand: CalAmp has the reputation and know-how to serve both its existing customers and future ones. Which is especially important if those massive growth predictions come true and the market grows fivefold by 2020.
Analysts estimate CalAmp’s sales will double from about $180 million in fiscal year 2013 to $360 million in the next three years. And as profitability and cash flow expand, CalAmp shares should continue to rise.
Motley Fool senior analyst David Meier (who clued me in on this stock) expects the company to earn investors annualized returns of more than 15% from its current share price.  

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