September 24, 2018

Brookfield vs Brookfield

The Fool has a nice write up on the differences between the two Brookfield companies and why you would want to invest in either of them. 

$110 Price Target on Western Digital

Merrill Lynch has a $110 price target on Western Digital as noted here.  The stock also pays a 3% dividend.  Shares currently trade around $60.00.

September 19, 2018

On Skyworks Solutions

24/7 Wallstreet had this to say about Skyworks Solutions and the upcoming 5g movement:

Baird analysts also favor this one as they see them as a smartphone content and infrastructure provider as well. Skyworks Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ: SWKS) is the market leader in power amplifiers, front-end modules and other radio frequency (RF) components for mobile devices (handsets, smartphones, tablets) and communications infrastructure.

The company’s RF products are benefitting from a two to four times content increase in front-end RF from the migration to data-intensive 3G/4G smartphones from voice intensive 2G phones. And it is expected to jump even more with 5G adoption. The company also has benefited from an increased exposure to Apple products, and most on Wall Street see the potential for further margin expansion.

The $125 Baird price target compares with a consensus target of $117.88 and the most recent close at $86.81 per share.