August 16, 2019

On Chart Industries

Chart Industries makes equipment for cryogenic gas.  A Fool article builds a good case for the stock and breaks down how they make their money. 

The most compelling buy argument from the article is as follows:

"But it's only a drop in the bucket compared to the massive wave of profits Chart should start riding in 2020, when tens of billions of dollars in LNG export facilities are expected to be constructed. According to the company's 2020 outlook, updated in June, management expects to earn between $8.00 and $8.75 per share if a handful of big deals on the verge of getting the green light do move forward next year.
Here's the good news: Even if those deals don't happen next year, Chart expects it will still earn between $5.05 and $5.35 per share next year. That's a substantial amount of earnings growth, even on the low end."

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