January 25, 2021

On Intercept Pharma

 The Fool has a small article on Intercept and why it may be a great turn around stock. 

January 19, 2021

The Top 21 Stocks to Buy in 2021

 The Fool has a list of 21 stocks to buy in 2021 along with an ETF and some SPACs. 

Update on Chart Industries

 The Fool has an update on Chart Industries. 

13 Small Caps Poised to Become Mid Caps

 IBD has a list of 13 small cap stocks that have the best chance to become mid cap stocks. 

January 18, 2021



This company just signed a deal that could be a total game-changer. Biolase Inc. (NASDAQ: BIOL) develops, manufactures, markets and sells laser systems for dental practitioners and their patients in the United States and internationally. Its dental laser systems allow dentists, periodontists, endodontists, oral surgeons and other dental specialists to perform a range of minimally invasive dental procedures, such as cosmetic, restorative and complex surgical applications.

The company offers Waterlase all-tissue dental laser systems for cutting soft and hard tissues, and diode laser systems to perform soft tissue, hygiene, cosmetic procedures and teeth whitening, as well as to provide temporary pain relief. Its Epic Hygiene laser manages nonsurgical periodontitis and enhances clinical production. It also manufactures and sells consumable products and accessories for its laser systems, as well as markets flexible fibers and hand pieces, and teeth whitening gel kits. The company sells its products through its field sales force and distributor network.

The company recently announced an agreement with Dental Care Alliance (DCA), one of the largest dental support organizations in the United States, with more than 330 affiliated practices in 20 states, to expand laser adoption and hands-on training programs in targeted geographies. The company expects the agreement to lead to a rollout across all DCA offices in 2021.

Ascendiant Capital Markets has a Buy rating and a $3 price target. The consensus target is $1.41, and shares have been trading near $1.

January 6, 2021

On Silvergate Capital

 Silvergate Capital is a Bitcoin broker that exchanges the coin for cash. 

A High Growth ETF

 The Fool points out ARK Next Generation Internet ETF is a way to own many high growth stocks at once. 

January 4, 2021

Crossing Wall Street's 2021Buy List

 The buy list for the new year is up at Crossing Wall Street.